Vazex MPC Wallet-as-a-Service

a secure platform to safely store and transfer digital assets.

Flexible & Scalable MPC Custody

A new digital asset wallets that are easy to implement scale, and ultimately built with trustless technology.

Deliver maximum security to customers and operators while boosting operational speed and cost savings.

Bulletproof Security

Vazex combines MPC Technology with hardware isolation to create a multi-layer security technology.

This eliminates a single point of failure and insulates digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error.

Multi Chain Support

We support 20+ blockchain protocols and 1,100+ tokens. Adding new protocols and tokens every month.


Want to know more?

Vazex ShuttleSwap

Your Fastest CryptoSwap to Bank Gateway for Web3


  • Fastest transaction between crypto wallets and bank accounts within hour(*).


  • Transaction cost as low as 0.5%.


  • US$400 of digital liquidity at any time.

Multi Chain Support

  • We support 20+ blockchain protocols and 1,100+ tokens.
  • Adding new protocols and tokens every month.

The Vazex ShuttleOne Decentralized Financing

In partnership with Collateral Managers and strong G2B and B2B partners, Vazex ShuttleOne's decentralized asset financing infrastructure enables any partner to provide efficient and risk assessed trade financing and loans to their community.

Payment anywhere in the world

Blockchain remittance are available globally. Platforms can expand to any countries without worries about adopting new payment solution.


Utilize user data for credit score and financing. Incentivize users to use your platform for better credit score. Data benefit for users for the first time ever.

Global Liquidity

Direct access to global liquidity from cryptocurrencies. Attract global capital to your ecosystem.


FATF compliance to KYC/B entity and individual scanning. AML compliant Wallet & Transaction Screening.


Decentralized means everything is automated, transparent and data-driven. Reduce required resources to run native financial solutions.

Our Partner

SC Malaysia Regulated DAX Operator

MAS Award Winning Web3 Fintech Solution

Global leading ICT Infrastructure and Smart Device provider

BNM regulated Money Transfer Business


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